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How to solve “Could not make copy of project, unable to produce” error in Camtasia Studio

Do you use Camtasia Studio to record/capture your screencast in your daily life? Have you ever seen a boring popup dialog box with “Could not make copy of project, unable to produce” error after complete editing and about to go to render your video? If not yet then you’re really lucky till now! But if you’re unlucky like me, then it’s a nightmare!!

Camtasia Studio

But I’ve got a solution!

I know you’re now crazy about to know the tactic! Eh? 😛 Hold on a moment!

Before I share the solution, let me tell you what I got before getting the solution –

I was searched on Google and got many forum posts about this issue but no one gave the right way to solve this. Many posts referred me the same answer, “it’s a bug of Camtasia version 7/8 and your need to upgrade”. But I’m sure it’s not a bug because my other videos before the problematic was render absolutely fine.

Here is the problem:

Assume you have a long title for your screencast and you separated some of the words with ampersand “&", like “How to find & replace something”, right? The ampersand is the only devil that caused the problem! Don’t ask why caused it’s not the right place. 😉

The solution:

Simply avoid using “&” in your title when creating/saving your Camtasia project files (.camrec and the .camproj). Instead, use solid a n d = “and”. If you already did use “&” then just rename your project file(s) and it’ll work fine.


Do not delete your project file(s) before checking this solution. Maybe it works for your but I do not guarantee that it’ll be the only reason of the problem and the solution for you in the future but it work for me fine till now.

I hope you’re now able to render your video as before.